Monday, 25 October 2004

the real jacaranda city

so here we are in Joburg, me staying over at thespian's house, or... rather, the house we are graciously allowed to share with his cats. (i have one reading my screen at the moment, nodding sagely at that last bit.) are we partying? are we out on the town? sadly, no. although we did a kfc drive-through earlier. 500 meters from here...

thespian is wading through the biggest pile of papers i have ever seen, trying to read them all in a week as reference for the last chapter of his p.hd. it's seriously impressive and intimidating. dr. thespian. we must remember to change that next year. all i can do in return is wade through my virtual pile of songs on my iPod, play him snippets and wax philosophically about american gothic and the change in one's perception of music once everything is on one little device. each to his own as they say. who's they you might ask? and rightly so.

to be honest, i was also working until i started writing this. and i will be working again in 5 minutes time i guess. because this post's leading nowhere.

interesting tidbit for the day? in bloemfontein daylight is twice as bright as anywhere else in this world. i verified it with my own two eyes on the weekend.

have you seen "the bloodiest movie ever made"? dead alive by peter jackson (yes, peter LOTR jackson). it's very funny ("i kick arse for the lord!"), and very bloody ("party's over!").

if you see free time somewhere, please pass it on. much obliged.

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