Thursday, 27 January 2005

Award people with too much time

The 2005 Bloggie awards voting process is underway and closes on 3 February. Do not read this further, do not pass the Start of the next paragraph. Go there now and save yourself of this one.

There are a few very good finalists imho, but looking at some of those blogs it's disconcerting to think how much time and effort those people must put in there. I don't have a problem with their time and effort, I have a problem with not having the time and being too lazy to put in the effort myself. Sure, some are probably fulltime "jobs"/ income generators, but it still looks like a helluva lot of work.

I'm testing out Mugg & Bean's wireless for the first time now, and it's really fast and I can even send emails - at the ACSA airports you have to webmail which is tedious. Notable moments of my morning: managing to get up, not sitting pretty vacant in bath staring ahead of me for longer than 5 minutes, stalling and flooding my car in traffic on my way to getting it washed, and now growing hair out of my ears of the coffee (read: tar) they serve here.

So is this a belated attempt to get nominated for an award, maybe "most static blog"?


Thursday, 13 January 2005

Tokyo night lights

Having just returned from visiting Cerebus in Xi'an and also stopping over in Tokyo and Hong Kong, here's a first photo so long. More postings to follow. Posted by Hello

Saturday, 8 January 2005

The Return

I fetched Pollen and Ms. H at the airport today - they returned from the Far East. I was very glad to see them and the gifts ;-) Among these gifts was a copy of a John Woo movie starring Chow Yun Fat that I've been looking for quite awhile -- "Lashou shentan" (aka "Hard Boiled"). Check it out at:

And after dropping them in Cape Town, I had to rush back to Stellenbosch to see a girl that has been on my mind for too long. And now I am emotionally too exhausted to watch my man Chow Yun Fat kick ass :-(