Monday, 22 November 2004


I know why Trike's song - Luislang - is on Pollen's list - “Die wêreld is ’n luislang wat aanhou en aanhou druk.” [The world is a python that continues and continues with its squeezing]

Hmmmm... maybe that is why we are not posting - it's the bloody python we call work ethic ;-)

My favourite Trike song is of course called Skaamkoekie - "Mamma het ’n souttert in die louoond bewaar / dis dubbel die plesier van ’n kerkbasaar" - they *also* sing about other pleasures, the type that calls for the hose-pipe, but let's not go there ;-)

You can download the mp3 for Skaamkoekie from the following link (it is under Trike, obviously)

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