Sunday, 20 March 2005

Not A New Hope

The teaser trailer had me excited, if only because I held out some hope that somehow, somewhere, George Lucas would stand back and realise he's lost the plot on the last two Star Wars instalments. Alas! It wasn't to be it seems. The quote below is from an article on News24:

"It's not like the old Star Wars," Lucas told theatre owners at the ShoWest convention. "This one's a little bit more emotional. We like to describe it as Titanic in space. It's a tearjerker."

Titanic in space. How can you conceivably come up with a worse insult for a movie... a Star Wars movie... and then say it as the director? But Lucas is obviously proud of his whosname... artistic integrity (harharhar):

"I never try to anticipate what the world's going to think or even worry about whether they're going to like it or not. That's not my job, to make people like my movies. They either like them or they don't. That's completely out of my hands."

I don't know what to think of that quote. It sounds all principled and independent and artistic and the right thing to say, but it somehow skirts the issue imho, apart from coming across as fake. It doesn't address the fatal change in style and nuance the movies have undergone.

How's this for artistic freedom. A scene from the set:

"More! Bigger! More, I said, more! Cut that! That crap! That...that... interaction! That won't translate to X-box dumb-ass! And that! Unspoken communication! Where did that come from? Explain it, damn you! Explain explain explain! Get me a test audience reflecting the lowest common denominator. What? You don't know what denominator means? Gawd, but I recruit well! Ooh I know, flash 'denominator' briefly over the blue screen in that scene, transposed over my face! The fans will love it. And me. Because, I too am a Rebel General."

Ho-hum. I'm off to watch the new trailer. An Old Hope fading fast.

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