Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Ni hao from Ankang

I've always been a bit of a cliche. In fact I've made a point of it.

At the moment I'm hiding away in a place called Ankang, in a bar called 2046. They have such active imaginations here and come up with original concepts every five seconds. I think it's called inbreeding. Nonetheless, I am lost. I have been lost for years now, and I proudly continue the tradition from this bar here in Ankang. Ankang. What can I say? It's this place, you know.

The next thing I might do is get in a taxi and ask where the pretty girls are. You may or may not know that pretty girls are a dime a dozen in China. Very cheap to meet. Unfuckingbelievably expensive to maintain. I only know this from second-hand whatssname. I don't, myself, have the energy or youth to pursue anything vaguely describable as "pretty". Or "girl" for that matter.

For what it's worth I have decided to be officially lost at the moment. This gives me an excuse to say things like "I'm trying to find myself." Which is exactly what I'm trying to do, because it is so dark I can't even see my own body. But not dark enough to take away all physical existance: no, count on it, that would have been too easy. No there is always enough light to make shadows. And it is the shadows we fear.

Top 5 soundtrack albums in chronological order: The Wall doesn't count.

5: Top Gun.
4: The Commitments
3: Trainspotting
2: Kill Bill Volume 1
1: Lou si te yi ne te ran si lei shi ne

Thank you.

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