Thursday, 24 November 2005

Toyota Corolla

I spent the last year and a half on a motorbike only. That means all activities including, but not limited to, shopping, laundry, fishing, going-out, etc... on the bike only.

Well, yesterday I turned into a wimp. I bought a car. After spending the last two winters on my bike, I bought this car at the start of summer - the mind boggles. I still have the Africa Twin - it is still perfect - I am taking it on a long trip in December. Only thing is that now I have the cage on wheels too. Who said consumers are more rational when considering large purchases?

Not just any car either, the most unobtrusive inoffensive car imaginable - a Toyota Corolla GLE1600i with aircon and powersteering in standard white. The ABSA bank account and the Old Mutual retirement annuity will probably follow. Thereafter probably a wife, and the baby-seat, and babies for the baby seat, and caravan holidays in Mosselbay or Hartenbos... this Corolla is the start of the slippery slope!

The only way to reverse this decline towards conformity would be to get a trailer with a KDX 200 offroad bike on it. Maybe also fishing kayak strapped to the roof? Come to think of it, I will definitely do more float tubing for bass now that I have the car... There is some hope.

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  1. Krizz,

    Here's a story for you to inspire you once the Corolla is full of family ;-)

    Confessions of a biker girl