Monday, 31 July 2006

Subjects of the night

There is a gig I want to attend this week with Three Bored White Guys, Diesel Whores and Jim Neversink. The flyer I received mentioned the 3 August show is at Upper Level, Stellenbosch and the 4 August one is at Mercury Live in Cape Town. The 4th is difficult, and I heard rumours and speculations that Upper Level (which is unknown to me) might be the old Springbok Pub (and before that, Drunken Springbok), a place along with the notorious ex-Finlays that I can honestly say I never visited when I was a student in the town. So I typed a Google search for ["upper level" stellenbosch] and the first hit read "Subject Librarians". Imagine that. I pictured some sort of obscure, experimental evening of spoken word performances by people in dark corners of the room in husky backtracked vocals, before I realised it's a link to the University's actual subject librarians. A pity, I almost had hope for the venue.


  1. so you like the three bored white guys? i have a friend that follows them religiously and i teeter along to most gigs. they rock actually. and even if they are bored, they're not boring at all. and there's more than three of them. i enjoy the paradoxes.

  2. Yup, it's one of the few bands that can constently get the typical sort of 10-people-talking-in-a-room Cape Town live music crowd to listen, participate, dance and enjoy. I share similar music tastes with one of the Bored Guys so it's always a nice chat as well.