Sunday, 13 August 2006

A flickr of life

I have started uploading some photos of our recent European trip to my Flickr profile.
So far there is a set of Tallinn, Estonia, to be followed soon by Riga, Berlin and possibly some oddities from Lisbon and England. Work calls, however. Not far-off, oh no, not carried by the wind. Close, close to my ear SCREAMING. I try and ignore it. I read articles on the web about the psychological reasons for procrastination. Still it screams. Still work calls. Alas!


  1. funny that. i'm very familiar with the oddity of white noise thrown up by 'work' every time i blog. i'm coming to the conclusion that work time is seriously meant for blogging. it's like, it's somehow owed me...

  2. I agree, but I consistently find myself reading up on procrastination rather than even blogging.