Thursday, 26 October 2006

Pictures of love and hate

Cleaning up my cell phone, I found a few recent pictures with dubious artistic merit, but worthwhile commenting on.

So val die helde: Le Petit Paris, a favourite Saturday morning haunt on Greenmarket Square, Cape Town, is no more. A generic-looking coffee shop will open soon. Lekka.

Bosbeheer: Seen on a bakkie in Wellington. I can't figure out if there is a tongue in the cheek here somewhere or whether it's a serious reference.

Blood on the shopfloor: A young boy cut his foot on the side of the checkout installation in Woolworths, Gardens Centre and they let almost four customers wade and tripple and tiptoe through the blood before someone managed to bring a mop. Not even me taking a photo elicited a response.

Art: This is pasted on the back of a street sign in Stellenbosch, around the corner of Mystic Boer and the infamous clinic where the nurse tannies still gave serious speeches to students in the early 90's.

Geel trui vir 'n wenner: at some DJ event at Mystic Boer, Krizz and I spent a lot of time analysing the chances of people around us of getting lucky. Once the guy in front of us managed to remove a yellow jersey that reminded me of some personal youthful fashion indiscretions in 1986, we thought his chances would improve significantly, but it wasn't to be. Krizz, however, pounced on the offending jersey and this picture is of one particular strut. I can of course post the piccie with his face on, but lest there be stalkers out there, won't (for now).


  1. I have a distinct distaste for Le Petit Paris. Their service has always been absolutely crap and food uninspiring. The only reason they were pumping is because of their awesome location. It's not going to be sad to see them close, but it is going to be sad to see a generic shop opening in one of Cape Town's busiest corners.

    I'm playing at the Party ini Parki party, the red sticker. It's on tonight (Thursday). Quite a nice design methinks.

  2. The service at Le Petit Paris did indeed vary between complete indifference and so-so, especially if you sat upstairs, and the coffee was sometimes cold, but they managed a plate of chips ok. It was a funny place in that sense - nothing out of the ordinary yet nice for a Saturday morning wake-up. Must have been location+charactersoutside=nice.

    I wondered what the Parki on the sticker refers to. Very nice design. My intention is to see Three Bored White Guys play at Roosevelt in Bree Street, Cape Town tonight. Reality might differ.