Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Arcade Gaming

I am addicted to two arcade games in Somerset Mall - both of course are shooting games:

One is a very realistic sniper game - called Silent Scope. I only play the shooting range (for which I have the high score I might add!) and the other game is a not so realistic hunting game called Big Buck Hunter. Unfortunately the gun shoots a little low, so it is not so cool. It is a pity that they don't have the very realistic Sega Bass Fishing game which I like to play whenever I am in East-Rand Mall in Johannesburg.

Of course I am about ten to twenty years older than everybody else in the arcade and sometimes that made me worry about myself. But all those thoughts are banished as from yesterday, because I spotted an old couple taking each other on at Sega Rally:

And they were not bad at it either. I wonder whether the winner got to drive home? ;-)


  1. Haha, very cool picture. I remember colleagues on a business trip finding it strange that I left the casino in KZN once to go and ride bikes in the arcade next door. I didn't lose money as fast, though, and it was much more fun.

  2. My greatest arcade moment was in Kuala Lumpur - I sneaked out of a Conference for Civilisational Dialogue (don't ask what I did there) and stumbled on local kids playing that Sega Daytona racing game against each other.

    There were 8 cars linked - so it was tight. Luckily they were racing the easiest track, because it is a rolling start and there are only two real turns.

    I got a seat and chose manual rather than automatic transmission (makes the car faster, but more room for error). My strategy was not to use the brakes at all - just full speed into the corner in 4th gear, then oversteer into the corner while at the same time gearing down to 3rd making the car slide and then you must countersteer until you exit and gear up. It looks really cool seeing your own car slide on your opponent's screen by the way...

    In the end I lapped two thirds of the field on the way to my victory. As a result I was swamped by challengers at the end of the game, but like a great champion I knew I had to retire and return to the world of grownups, because there is no way I would have been able to pull it off a second time without crashing.

  3. Oh another thing - the bike racing games are not realistic at all :-( I've never had fun on them.

    Next time you go to Somerset Mall for movies - there is a Star Wars game where you fly the X-wing and have to destroy the death star. It's an old type game, but only takes one credit.

  4. I don't necessarily equate realistic = fun when riding an arcade bike. Will remember about the X-wing, but I haven't movied in that mall since the day they showed Nick Cave's Loverman video at the Milky Lane... circa 1995.