Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Mopgat of the mind

I need to start 2007 off by getting rid of the odds and ends from 2006 that serve no purpose.

Pet hates I haven't found the need to communicate (apart from that Vodacom animal mascot thing):
  • People that, on hearing may the force be with you say: “Oh, my husband/ friend/ niece is also a Star Trek fan!”
  • When a woman mentions women’s rights in a discussion about service delivery to the poor, and the toupeed chairman, smiling slightly, says: “Thank you, that’s a very constitutional question.”
  • When the same woman insists on talking about women's rights every time the subject of the poor comes up, as if it’s a gender-discriminating term.
Quotes overheard at a live music gig in Cape Town:
  • "Daar's 'n oop spotjie"
  • "I showered today"
  • "That's ok, I'm over it now"
Photos of things that made me point-and-click:

Rows A - D, Columns 1-3
A1: Ooh, so this is what a fluffy omelette should look like (Obs, Cape Town).
A2: A barrow full of mint. Mojito's anyone?
A3: The development of Buitekloof Studios, an old Cerebus place of work (see also B3).
B1: Noodlebosch, now also in Long Street.
B2: Street sign, De Waterkant, Cape Town.
B3: End of an era: Bruce Tait's and Mabu Vinyl need to relocate due to the Buitekloof development (the former still looking for a new spot...)
C1: Work. Deadlines. Lekka.
C2: Groen sprinkaan op sonneblom. Sommer.
C3: I think that one's called Bliksem.
D1: Too small to read, but it says "Keep it real, gooi 'n Coke in jou keel..."
D2: Shop decor in Long Street flowing out into the street.
D3: What will happen to the branded Public Gardens cutlery when the greasy spoon restaurant is also eventually reinvented?

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