Thursday, 21 January 2010

Newsroom malaise

The good news is District 9 received 7 BAFTA nominations. The bad news is, the local sites are too lazy to find out for which categories.

Why is it that local news sites can never do that tiny extra bit to customise news agency articles? Are they not allowed to? I don't think so, I've seen the same article in shorter or longer versions. Why not in the article linked to, report on the other categories District 9 was also nominated for apart from Best Director, before just copying and pasting it into the feed? I know it's one google away for me too, if I wish to find out, but I am roaming on 3G thank you very much and wasting bandwidth by complaining here about it.

I've seen it happen with travel survey results as well, they are picked up due to the mention of Cape Town or South Africa or some restaurant being ranked highly, and the blurb or press release republished as is, without finding out the exact details. It would IMVVHO add to the quality and relevance of articles.

Pet hate of the day material, I know.

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