Thursday, 29 July 2004


which is what i ate last night. american bullfrog soup. not bad. like chicken. also had buckwheat noodles and fish scales, as well as red shrimps and roast duck. very good. my hosts were the parents of a student. we went to the hero restaurant. loosely translated. tightly translated it would be the hero restaurant. subtelties of language, wot?

nice meal though and cheap. god bless american bullfrogs. came home. opened bag. keys gone. longer story: at the same time i left for dinner, my offspring left to sleep over at a xiao pengyou. he had the keys.

so i did what every reasonable man in my situation would do. i got drunk. no, not really, but i did go to a nightclub. figured i'll pass some time there. i did. it's nightclub. god i hate nightclubs.  so i left and did what any reasonable man would have done next: paid for it.

it being a place to sleep. found a massage place and got the longest one. only killed about an hour, though, after which i wandered -- yes, wandered -- the wicked streets of xi'an. alone, in despair, not feeling sorry for myself one bit and pretty pissed off. watched the murk grow less murky. (somewhere else i might have said i watched the sun rise.)

now that you've had your laugh at my expense i would like to remind you that you are paying to be online to read this right now.

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