Saturday, 24 July 2004

happy birthday cerebus

the blog is up and running, after only two weeks of discussing it. this must rate as one of the most decisive moments of my life - any more decisions at such breakneck speed and my posts will become blurred as well.

cerebus will join soon, as soon as the weight of yet another birthday (july 23rd) wears off. for now, i'll have to quote him in his absence on this great occasion:

wo de shengri kuai le - happy birthday to me
around twelve noon i got this strange notion to check the date on my watch, and noticed, with horror, that i suddenly ceased being the youthful thirty-one year old i had grown accustomed to, and have instead metamorphosed into the unknown, greying figure of a matured and battle-scarred thirty-two year old. it would probably take me about a year to get to know this new person.
as i look back upon the ashes of my youth one thing in particular stands out amongst the smoking debris of this highway of hell: but with the state of my eyes i can't properly see what it is.

congrats cerebus and many happy returns. do you remember when you turned 14 and shared the day with prince andrew and sarah ferguson on their wedding day? i hope to that great expanse in the sky that you don't, i really do.

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