Friday, 24 March 2006

In the year of '32

The incident with The Person from Beneath the Counter made me notice the collection of photos I have on my cellphone, stretching back over a period of almost a year. Aging makes me feel like Neo: "It is inevitable, Mr Anderson." Since everyone is doing it, who am I to do otherwise?

In my new-found mellowness as Krizz calls it, I put together a photographic retrospective of the past year. Seeing as my cellphone is more than a year old and probably terribly unfashionable, I therefore dub it Lo-Fi to redeem some coolness in a street cultcha style sorta way. Or whatever.

Rows are A-F and columns 1-3.

A1: A day-old kitten in Wellington
A2: Standing around waiting in Stellenbosch on a day with nice clouds
A3: Public toilets in Wellington
B1: Table Mountain burning
B2: Open wiring on the control panel in a lift in Pretoria
B3: Sushi at Balducci's, Cape Town
B4: Finished drinking coffee at a business meeting, Bellville
B5: Eating sushi at Golden Wheat, Stellenbosch
B6: Wits Campus Control ignoring a woman who just fainted at a memorial service, Johannesburg
B7: Playing pool in Observatory, Cape Town with Krizz and the Interstitial One
B8: Driving away from the city and Table Mountain
B9: Walking to the plane, Windhoek
B10: "Here in my car / Where the image breaks down / Will you visit me please?"
B11: Airplane food. Yum
B12: Table Mountain burning and the sun setting
B13: Grafitti just off Long Street, Cape Town
B14: Robert, Thespian's cat in Joburg (the biggest cat that can Still Scale Walls)
B15: Driving back home to Cape Town


  1. Daai kat in Wellington kan g'n een dag oud wees nie. Hulle oë gaan eers oop op 5-8 dae... Don't fuck with a feline-o-phile ;-)

    Dis ek, Pietsie!

  2. Nice retrospective, though...

  3. OK Pietsie, ek sal jou woord daarvoor vat as iemand wat nie so kat-smart is nie. Ek stry nie met 'n eienaar van 5 (at last count) nie ;-). Almal was so opgewonde oor die kat ek is daar weg met die idee hy's dag-oud. O, en btw die kat word nie gewurg nie, hoor, die eienaar het hom baie mooi vasgehou. Voor jy katkop maak en 'n vloek op my sit.