Monday, 15 May 2006

Cerebus the iPod

I've joined the 21st Century. Nice here. Like the views. Got the iPod. Audioscrobbler useless for me: no internet at home. Don't want it. Very happy not to have a slow, anti-virus crippled computer. But if I want to humanitarianly share my most played list, I have to type it up. So, after two weeks of owning this little black beast, here it is:

1. Fortuinverteller, Brixton Moord en Roof Orkes
2. Spoed, Brixton Moord en Roof Orkes
3. Sussie se Sweep, Brixton Moord en Roof Orkes
4. Aisha, Death in Vegas
5. Deanna, Nick Cave und ze Bad Seeds
6. Into my arms, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
7. Nobody home, Pink Floyd
8. Oom Willem strikes back, Buckfever Underground (Guessed the name)
9. Drawn to the fire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More with Feeling
10. Tennessee Waltz, Leonard Cohen
11. The weeping song, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
12. The ship song, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
13. Deanna (Acoustic), Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
14. 我们的爱, F.I.R.
15. 我听这种音乐的时候最爱你, 龙宽九段
16. Paul van der Zandt, Brixton Moord en Roof Orkes
17. Decades, Joy Division
18. That's what jazz is to me, Nick Cave
19. 潘朵拉, 龙宽九段
20. Lydia, F.I.R.


Strangely misleading. But it's been only two weeks. Endless hours of fun playing with graphs.

For the record, it's a black, shiny, 30G (they didn't have 60's) video. It's got around 8Gigs on right now, which includes everything by Nick (except the second half of the Good Son) and everything of Pink Floyd (except the live recordings, which suck), everything by Wilco, everything by Tom Waits, everything by Roger Waters, everything by Yat-kha (tip for the day) and bloody incredibly lots more. Also training videos for pilots, some music videos and the musical episode of Buffy.

The songs, however, remain the same.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'm listening to quite a bit of Huun-Huur-Tu at the moment, which Albert Kuvezin started before he left and formed Yat-Kha. I will now have to investigate the latter. All this listening to polytonal Tuvan throat-singing started with the two songs from Gerhan Popov(?) you had on that old MP3 player/ flashdisk 2 years ago. Must go to emusic now, must go.