Monday, 12 June 2006

credit to graffitoes everywhere

Pollen about my post title:
Hmmmm, I'm still thinking about the post title. I think I get it, but...
Dit sê lekker, though.

Well, the post title is not mine, I saw it as graffiti in Cape Town in 1992.
I was on "an adventure in citizenship" arranged by the Rotary Club of Cape Town. Basically it involved taking ignorant backvelder schoolkids (the way I used to be *grin*) to the big city and show them parliament, the court, the island, the townships, etc...

Well, then the Boipatong massacre took place and a lot of plattelandse kinders were stuck in Cape Town that has come to a complete halt with the largest rolling mass action marches the city has ever seen. By the time the toi-toiying masses departed, we had to go home to our small towns, without seeing half the things we were expecting - I think we spent most of the time in the company gardens and the planetarium (also, the planetarium is not that amazing if you come from the Karoo).

But from the walkway at the Golden Acre, I did see the entire street below as a river of bobbing heads. Oh and later making my way to the station, I saw scratched on one of the barriers: "Dere's a naartjie in SA sosatie"

It was such a cool comment - ranks right up there with the time the police dispersed the crowd with a water-cannon shooting purple dye and arresting the purple ones afterwards (can you remember that?) and the next day somebody wrote on the steps in purple paint: "The purple shall govern!"

I suspected the Arch'... ;-)


  1. Seen in Empire Road, Joburg, 2000: "Jou ma se skwater".

  2. I've always chuckled at the various meanings it's possible to attach to this one outside of Wits University, Braamfontein, circa 1999 before the election: "Fuck da poor, Vote DP"

  3. hey Krizz,
    (this reply is a bit overdue...)
    amazingly enough i actualy met Norman Ohler in a club while he was in SA researching "Ponte City". Strange but true... I think i should get hold of the book.