Friday, 9 June 2006

A naartjie in SA sosatie?

For a blog with four members we suck at posting... (no comments allowed to pick up on that)

My excuse for not posting is that I had a hectic time at work and socially. (Pollen's excuse is that he is trying to break into the ex-Soviet Union, not sure about Cerebus' schedule, and Thespian... well... I am sure Thespian has a very good reason... Jo'burg is probably too exciting).

I spent some time in Johannesburg, my best friend got married, I worked at a conference thingie in Cape Town, and afterward I played tour-guide for the cool people I worked with.

Reflecting on it afterwards, I realised that although South Africa is cool, we still live in a very strange society. You don't notice it while living here, but if you drive around with foreigners you see the "everyday" from a little more distance and suddenly it does not look so "everyday" anymore.

We are basically an immature society - naive, aggressive, self-important, over-ambitious, etc. It is not all bad -- in a weird way our country is probably much more free than most established democracies -- we have much less state and social surveillance and most of our laws are more like "guidelines". But the price is of course a little randomness in the domain of personal safety and a few other disasters.

There is a Hobbes' (Thomas, not the stuffed tiger) quote that will fit in here somewhere. Anyway, I thought I'd share this thought. Feel free to post comments about why you'd prefer living in Cape Town to London.


  1. Hmmmm, I'm still thinking about the post title. I think I get it, but... Dit sê lekker, though.

  2. As a South African, who’s currently not living in SA, here are my thoughts on why SA and specifically Cape Town is the best place to live, and why I’ll be coming back. First of, the people… We are a nation diverse in language, culture and sometimes history. But this is exactly something that makes SA great. Yes we have problems, but what county doesn’t? And for the most part, we are open and willing to face these issues and make them better. Secondly, the weather! If you’ve spend any time in Europe or Asia, you know what I’m talking about. In South Africa we’re lucky, we still have open spaces and clean air. I was in SA a month ago, and there’s nothing more beautiful than autumn in SA, especially if there’s red wine involved! Talking about red wine…my third reason, the food! You know you’re homesick when you’re willing to pay over R100 for semi-decent, but not quite the real deal, bobotie at an out the way place run by an ex-South African. And oh yes, my best friend just reminded me…South African men! Now there’s something to look forward to….

  3. Thanks for four good reasons katialibre!

    About your bobotie comment, a friend of mine living in Copenhagen for the past 8 years commented on how one misses the things that you did not think you'd miss.

    In his case it meant Ouma Beskuit - Apparently it can be bought in Denmark for something around ZAR80!

  4. well yes, that is true, you only miss something once it's gone...unfortunately I don't live in Europe, but next time I'm in Denmark....

    guys, great blog btw.

  5. what catches me about SA is that we still have big open spaces, even in cities. London is big and built up, it takes you a while to get into the country or mountain. It takes me a maximum of 20 minutes, on a bicycle, when I'm in Cape Town. By car you can have full on countryside within an hour. Gotta love it.

  6. "By car you can have full on countryside within an hour"

    Better get that licence then ;-)

    U're right though - and within 3 hours driving you can go from a mediterranean climate, to alpine-like mountains, to semi-desert. Add another 3 hours and you can have full-on coastal forest or grasslands (depending on ur direction).

    PS. Imagine what you can do with that fly-suit pictured on your blog. Just attach two little booster rockets >>>>>>>>>>>> wow wow wow :-)

    Alternatively - use a large motorcycle :P

  7. Kaapstad is baie beter as londen omdat daar te veel mense van Bloemfontein in Londen is.