Thursday, 26 August 2004

boo radley

saw this morning burglars threw clyde rathbone's mom from her window.i watched the rugby last saturday, at 4 am in the morning mindyew, and i thought the boo's he got was particularly nasty and i feltquite satisfied when he redeemed himself eventually and set up thetry.
now, unfortunately, i doubt whether anyone can truly begrudgehim the move.


"In an interview for Fox TV, broadcast on Supersport and quoted inweekend newspapers, Clyde Rathbone said that among his reasons foremigrating was dealing with the stress of living with crime andviolence in South Africa.

"In Australia, he said, he did not have fears for the safety of hisfiancee, Carrie-Ann Leeson, while he was away from home. By contrastin South Africa, "wherever she's going or wherever my brothers or mymother or any part of my family are going, you are constantlyworried. That's the reality about living in certain parts of SouthAfrica".

"During the Tri-Nations final in Durban on Saturday Rathbone wasconstantly booed by the Springbok fans whenever he touched the ball."

Dude. Hope the nerves are okay. Don't go the way of the shotgun.

That way lies fear, and hatred. Fear is the path to the dark side.Dare I say: we're all plotting our escape. I'm not too thrilled with A.'s situation at the moment, driving from town to town to meetappointments at different clinics.

I am beginning to build up aterribly strong resistance to opening my news-emails from SA. So badly want one day to go by without reading about a rape or a murder, usually both.

Cliché, innit?

Afrika wil ons nie hĂȘ nie.

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