Sunday, 22 August 2004

CAP[italism]S LOCK

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alas! i joined the league of the great washed... (and groomed). my official excuse for buying an iPod is that it is a backup strategy for any more break-ins into my flat, because last time i was lucky no cd's were taken. i know i know, hahahaha.

whatever the reason, it's pretty amazing to carry ALL my music in my pocket, even the cd's i tried to flog because they're crap and which nobody wanted. perfect capitalism: the choice to buy and listen to shit.

people (like me) might tell you, ja'ag but it's about the music. well, i had a sobering experience when i was buying groceries and saw the Huisgenoot's front page, proclaiming very loudly something like : "10,000 liedjies in jou sak, nuwe tegno-treffer op die mark!"

mah sanctum.

i realised i didn't want them to put the story in there. i didn't want those people to know about a world market leader in mobile and online music trends, selling hundreds of thousands, probably millions of the thing. not them. and it struck me. (a) i've been duped into thinking it's something exclusive and (b) i am a trendoid.

save me.

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