Sunday, 1 August 2004


bugger. i realised today my silver mt zion... punk-rock cd was in my laptop when it was stolen a month ago. i've been listening to the previous albums thinking it's here somewhere, until i remembered i copied it to the harddrive just before we left on holiday. fokjoumeneerinbreker.

there is of course the slight chance the burglar will just deposit it in a brown envelope in front of our door with a note saying "but where's the song breaks?"

... time passes

i just remembered. cerebus asked me one day when i tried to force the cd onto him "so are you into 50 cent now?" the cd had some white circular lines with writing on it, including something that made him make the comment. this is actually turning out to be funny. revenge by post-rock. put that in your cd player and watch it smoke meneer.

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