Thursday, 1 May 2008


Olympic construction workers exploitedAthletes silencedTiananmenGreat Firewall of ChinaEr. Who knows? The backlash has started: this is exactly what the Chinese government feared when they began reining in the patriotic fervour of the last few weeks.

According to Global Voices, (which is an excellent source of grassroots opinion, btw) these posters are twittering around in China.


断指工人, 支持奥运
支持奥运, 唔使讲野

Construction workers support the Olympics. (This is about rushed construction projects in Beijing that has cost a few lives and caused many injuries so far.)

Don't talk, just support the Olympics. (Athletes silenced.)

Forget the massacre for the Olympics. (Tiananmen. My Chinese friends for some reason thought it was about Nanjing.)

Block the Internet for the Olympics. (Great Firewall of China.)

Disrespect? the people for the Olympics. (I suppose human rights in general, and the idea of enriching yourself through the Olympics: like having a hard-on for the Olympics. I can't find a direct translation for 民渎 in my dictionary.)

Global Voices also gathered a few opinions from Chinese people on
"patriotism" that seem to show that the agitation is slowly turning against the CPC.

I love this one:

Let me put it simple: Our impression of China is harmonic, and we think
foreigners have good impression on us. When these events occurred, we found not
everything is as perfect as we think, and this cognitive conflict makes our
anger more furious.

Spot on.

(Upate:) I saw the posters being used in the Hong Kong torch relay, here:

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  1. 断指工人, 支持奥运

    支持奥运, 唔使讲野




    Amputees for the Olympics

    Don't have to say much words, just support Olympics

    Forget the massacre for the Olympics

    Lock the website for the Olympics

    Disrespect? the people.