Sunday, 18 May 2008

Xi'an earthquake fatalities and damage

The Xi'an Public Security Bureau (PSB) released details of deaths, injuries and damage in Xi'an from the May 12 Sichuan earthquake.

The quake was felt in Xi'an at 14:28 on Monday, May 12. From that moment, untill 18:00 on the 13th a total of 49 cases were reported, including 19 deaths and 30 injuries, six of whom were seriously injured. Bridges and roads were damaged to different degrees.

Of the 19 fatalities, none were associated with collapsed buildings. "Some" people were killed when a crane collapsed, some were killed by collapsing free-standing walls and some people apparently drowned while swimming in a reservoir. Five people died when jumping out of buildings in panic when the earthquake struck.

One of these was identified as a 30 year old who jumped to his death in the Yanling District. Four others were primary and middle school pupils.

Apparently a total of 4506 meters (I don't trust my translation very much here) of walls collapsed throughout the city. Eight schools were damaged (again with the schools!) At one school a "monument" collapsed, killing two students and injuring another two. At another schools some students were injured when a temporary wall collapsed during the evacuation process.

Some students at the Xi'an University of Arts and Science (西安文理学院) were hurt after jumping from the second floor after the after shock at 04:00 am on May 13. They are being treated for minor injuries.


I have been shown photos of damage at one school, where a staircase was heavily damaged and support beams in the roof fell to the floor. The photographer didn't want to share the pictures and is afraid of being identified. Seems students were ordered to keep this information to themselves.

Another student told me a water tower on top of a building near his house toppled over and fell into a market, killing some people. He had no more information and the area had been cleared of debris by Friday.

[UPDATE 20 May 2008]
Shaanxi Province:
114 killed.
3017 injured.
102696 houses destroyed (I assume this means each apartment in a building counts as one)
597112 houses damaged (ditto)
479668 homeless
Damages amount to: RMB 6 322 270 000. That's 6 billion yuan.

[UPDATE 25 May 2008]
Death toll in Xi'an city rose to 26.
Number of injured revised to 1108.
We had an aftershock at 16:21 this afternoon. Buildings were again evacuated.
No news of any injury or damage in Xi'an.
AFP reports 1 death and 262 injuries in Chengdu.

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