Monday, 5 May 2008

Darfur and Olympics linked

Nothing much happening these days. The Olympic torch is on safe ground, and we're not likely to see much action on the Tibetan issue. So here's my senseless contribution for the day: a clear link between Darfur and the Olympic Games. Not so futile now, is it, Chu Maoming?

I tried in vain to find a link between edible condoms and Hu Jintao.

In other news, I compiled a quick list of what I like to think of as "Myths Chinese People Tell Themselves", inspired by a description of the new exhibition in Beijing at the "Cultural Palace of Nationalities" on the "history" of "Tibet".

Here's a quick, top-of-my-head, list:
  1. 1.3 Billion people are too many to govern democratically
  2. China has never invaded any country
  3. Chinese will never work without the characters
  4. Cantonese, and others, are just dialects of Mandarin
  5. Japan has never apologised for the war
  6. Tibet has always been part of China
  7. Taiwan has always been part of China
  8. Chinese is easy
  9. 1.3 billion people speak Chinese
  10. If Hawaii (or Wales or California etc.) declare independence there will be BLOOD
  11. Western media is biased
  12. 5000 years of history is a good thing
  13. Westerners don't have a 5000 year history
  14. Ice cream was invented in China
Some of these are just plain wrong, while others -- like "Western media is biased" -- isn't telling the whole story. If anyone can think of more, let me know. Oh, I just remembered #15:

15. Warm water can cure anything. Cold water is positively bad for you.
16. A drip can cure anything hot water can't.
17. Chinese people are friendly.

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  1. while, all of these are true or not. It depends on your understanding which is influenced by your background. So, you already had a bias before your start to learn the culture of China.